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TSA GHQ:-                          

President: Mr. Tonglen Lhouvum
General Secy.: Mr.Michael Lamjathang Haokip,
Information Secy.: Mr.Laljangam Hangsing

TSA Delhi & NCR:-                             

President: Mr.Paosei Haokip, +91-9873640417
Joint Secy.: Mr.Jack Lhouvum,
Asst.Info. Secy.:Mr.Haominthang kipgen ,

TSA Bengaluru:-                    

President: Mr.Michael Lamjathang Haokip, +91-8413942555
General Secy.: Mr.Ginkhohao Haokip,
Information Secy.: Mr.Manggougin,

TSA Hyderabad:-                      

President: Mr.George Haokip,
General Secy.: Mr.Seiminlen Haokip,+91-7893107801
Information Secy.: Mr.Sehmang Kipgen,

TSA Churachandpur:-                

President: Mr.T.Thangboi Baite,+91-8014763262           General Secy.:Mr. Lelen Haokip,
Joint  Secy.: Mr.Thangboi Kipgen,




 We, the Thadou Students` having solemnly resolved to constitute ourselves into Thadou Students` Association with aview to achieving unity, fraternity, well-being and advancement of both physical, mental education among the Thadou Students community in our constituent assembly this 9th day of June, 1995 do hereby adopt enact and give ourselves to this constitution. 
ARTICLE NO. 2: NAME OF THE ORGANISATION (1).The name of the organization shall be “THADOU STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION” the abbreviation of which shall be TSA. (2).The TSA shall have it’s Sub-Headquarter in Myanmar and branches in states and cities wherever required. Nevertheless, there shall be District Committees in Manipur functioning under the General Headquarters. (3).The General Head Quarters of the TSA shall be at “CHURACHANDPUR” (LAMKA), Manipur, India. (4).There shall be no separate TSA Manipur State levelor any other State level.
ARTICLE NO. 3. EMBLEM, MOTTO AND FLAG (1).The Emblem of the TSA shall be the traditional shawl(Saipikhup) and a mountain with arising Sun in the centre surrounded by Olive leaves on the border. (2).The Motto of the TSA shall be ‘March Forward’. (3).The Flag of the TSA shall be snow white background, ablack line towards the left vertically, a red line in the middle horizontally and TSA Emblem in the Centre. The TSA Flag explanation is as follows:- (a).White, Black and red are the traditional colours of the Thadous. (b).Snow white domination signifies that the Thadous are basically peace loving people.It also signifies honesty, clean heart and bright future. (c).Black signifies bad times and the dark days in our history. (d).Red signifies our bond of love, endurance, perseverance, energy and potentiality underneath.
ARTICLE NO. 4: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aims and objectives of the TSA are as follows:- I. Development of strong sense of unity and solidarity amongst the Thadou Students Community anywhere in the world. II. To promote co-operation among the students as regards to social, academic and intellectual activities. III. To fight against anti-social elements whichever liable to cause hazard and damage the life and career of the students. IV. To provide adequate infrastructures, hostels, halls, libraries and other related facilities for the welfare of the Thadou Students. V. To expand the frontiers of mutual co-operation and strengthen the cord of friendship and trust with other students communities to maintain social tranquility and peace and harmony. VI. To make strenuous effort for the development and upliftment of Thaou vernacular. VII. To protect, preserve and safeguard Thadou cultural heritage, the TSA shall organize/form Cultural team/club at various levels. VIII. To conduct tuition/coaching classes for HSLC candidates and other classes who may be in need. IX. To arrange for excursion, exhibition, competition, training, seminars and conference etc.
ARTICLE NO. 5: INTERPRETATION AND JURISDICTION (1). It is a voluntary and non profiteering organization. (2).It will operate anywhere where a Thadou resides in the world.
ARTICLE NO. 6: THE CABINET (1).The central cabinet members shall be elected by the General Assembly or General Conference and shall consist of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Jt.Secretary and certain number of departmental secretaries.The cabinet may be expanded as and when necessary by the President. (2).The cabinet members of Sub-Headquarter and other levels shall be elected by an Assembly of bona fide TSA members of the respective branches, blocks and units. (3).The cabinet shall be empowered to terminate any member who absents himself/herself in 3 consecutive cabinet meetings without valid reason or without the consent of the President.
ARTICLE NO. 7: TERM OF OFFICE BEARERS (1).An office bearer shall hold office normally for a period of 3(three) years or 36 months from the date of election. (2).In the case of Units e.g. Schools, Colleges etc. it shall be of a 1(one) year term. (3).Any office bearer is eligible for re-election as long as he/she is active in TSA service unless one is terminated from office for violation of the Constitution.
ARTICLE NO. 8: THE TSA FAMILY (1).Culturally, linguistically and emotionally Thadou is a homogenous body in which the following families as inseparable components are joined and knit together. These families or clans constitute Thadou Tribe as envisaged by the Government of India Tribe Recognition order of 1956 vide S.R.O.24774 Gazetteer of India, Part II, Section III, No.316-A, New Delhi.
They are:- 1.Chongthu 2.Guite 3.Doungel 4.Touthang 5.Kipgen 6.Haokip 7.Sitlhou 8.Singsit 9.Chongloi 10.Hangsing 11.Lotzem 12.Tuboi 13.Baite 14.Mate 15.Sa-Um 16.Lenthang 17.Lunkim 18.Thangngeo 19.Changsan 20.Lhangum 21.Lupho 22.Lupheng 23.Misao 24.Ngailut 25.Kilong 26.Kholhou 27.Haolai 28.Khongthnag 29.Lhungdim 30.Lhanghal 31.Insun 32.Jongbe.
(2).These families are the posterity of the Thadou Kings who reigned in Burma from 600 B.C. to 500 B.C. and then from 209 A.D. to 450 A.D. and also included in the approved list of the extra-ordinary Gazette of 1956 published by the government of India as stated above.
(3).These families are cleaved to the system of both exogamy and endogamy which makes their inter-relation indivisible. (4).The intrinsic unity of the Thadou families as portrayed in their village organization each having specific duties or functions is indestructible.
ARTICLE NO. 9: EQUALITY IN STATUS (1).There shall be no distinction in class in the social stratum of the Thadou. All are one and equal. (2).Any interpretation of the much confounded and unintelligible genealogy and also mere conjecture of many tradition of hoary past are construed as wholly untrue, nefarious and contrary or inimical to the democratic concept.
ARTICLE NO. 10: MEMBERSHIP (1).There shall be three categories of membership of the Thadou Students’ Association namely, (a) Primary member, (b) Patron member and (c) Life member. (a) PRIMARY MEMBER: Any student in High School of above is eligible to enroll as a primary member and shall subscribe yearly Rs.10/-. (b) PATRON MEMBER: Any person who is enrolled as a patron member shall deposit an earnest money of Rs.500/- once for all but shall continue to subscribe yearly Rs.10/-. (c) LIFE MEMBER: TSA shall nominate anyone as a life member on account of one status as an exemplary atleast in one respect of life. Any person who is enrolled as a life member shall deposit an earnest money of Rs. 1, 000/- once for all, but shall continue to subscribe yearly Rs. 10/-. (2) All levels of TSA shall maintain membership register and yearly membership list along with membership fees shall be sent and submitted to the Gen. Hqrts. before September every year.
​​ARTICLE NO. 11: THE PRESIDENT (1) He must be an active member of TSA, much have completed the age of 25 years and should be at least a graduate. (2) POWER AND FUNCTION:- (a) He shall have executive and financial power. (b) He shall be empowered to dissolve the cabinet in consultation with the Advisors if there exist serious constitutional crisis within the body and shall order fresh election. (c) He shall be empowered to terminate a cabinet member in consultation with the cabinet if the member is found guilty according to the Constitution. (d) He can summoned a cabinet and emergency meeting in consultation with the General Secretary any time an important issue needs deliberation and shall preside over the meeting. (3) DUTIES: He is to protect and defend the constitution and devote himself to the service, well being and advancement of the Thadou Students. (4) VACANCY IN THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: If the post of the President is vacant by resignation, incapability or accident by demise or by any other reasons then there must be bye-election within 30(thirty) days.
ARTICLE NO. 12: THE VICE PRESIDENT The Vice President shall assist the president in the smooth functioning of the Association. In the absence of the President, the VP shall preside over the cabinet meetings/sign circulars and other important papers relating to the Association.
ARTICLE NO. 13: THE GENERAL SECRETARY The General Secretary is the head in-charge of the records and files of the TSA. He shall maintain all the files of TSA and record the proceedings of the meetings. He shall be responsible for correspondence in and outsidethe organization. He shall work hand-in-hand with the president and guide all the secretaries in discharging their duties.
ARTICLE NO. 14: THE SECRETARY FINANCE (1) He shall keep and maintain all the records, files, registers relating to finance. (2) He shall keep the cash-books, other related registers and documents of money transactions, vouchers and receipts in safe custody and keep them ready for auditing. (3) He shall receive all fees, donations, subscriptions etc. and issue challans thereof. (4) All cash exceeding Rs. 10,000/- shall be deposited to the bank immediately when it is received. (5) He shall maintain a joint account with the President and Gen.Secretary in any bank and deposit all funds of TSA in the Bank. (6) He shall present the financial statement in the general assembly or conference and cabinet meetings.
​ARTICLE NO. 15: ORGANISER He shall be in-charge of the organizational works. He shall be responsible for mobilizing TSA members as well as Youths in any public rallies, campaigns and processions.
ARTICLE NO. 16: SECRETARY INFORMATION He shall be responsible for publication of all Press release and communication from outside and within different levels of the TSA.The Gen.Headquarters’ Secretary Information shall function as the coordinator of all different levels of the TSA.
ARTICLE NO. 17: SECRETARY STATISTIC & EDUCATION He shall be responsible for collection of all data, figures and information. He shall be in-charge of all that relates to education and its development. He shall suggests and propose to the cabinet measures or steps to be taken for the improvement of learning among the Thadou Students.
ARTICLE NO. 18: SECRETARY GAMES & SPORTS He shall be the main in-charge of the department of games & Sports. He shall work for promotion of Games & Sports among the Thadou Youths especially among the students. He shall make effort to instill and inculcate sportsmanship spirit in the young minds. He shall obtain sports materials from TD, YAS and other Govt. institutions.
ARTICLE NO. 19: ADVISORS From various levels of TSA there shall be 3(three) advisors selected from senior citizens for a term of 3(three) years. They can be re-nominated if their service is required by the new office bearers. In an event of a serious constitutional crisis in the association, the advisor shall exercise executive powers to solve the problems.
​ARTICLE NO. 20: GENERAL ASSEMBLY a) There shall be General Assembly/Conference once a year. b) The Assembly shall be presided by an elected Speaker. c) All levels of the TSA shall participate in the Assembly.
ARTICLE NO. 21: MEETTING The cabinet meeting shall be called as and when necessary for deliberation of agenda by publication of notice at least 7 days beforehand. Notice shall be served by the General Secretary in consultation with the president. All communications, correspondence including Press releases of the various levels of TSA, copy must be sent to the Gen. Headquarters.
ARTICLE NO. 22: QUORUM (1) 2/3 of the total members called for a meeting shall constitute the quorum. (2) In an emergency meeting 50% of the members present out of full members called shall constitute the quorum.
ARTICLE NO. 23: ELECTION Election of every office bearers shall be done by secret ballot as per democratic norms of election. The voters shall be determined by the higher authority of the TSA.
​ARTICLE NO. 24: GENERAL FUNCTIONS (1) TSA shall hold and conduct functions such as Freshers’ Meet, Annual Conference, Annual Term Conference, Special Assembly as when required and necessary. (2) In functions Units, Blocks, Branches, Sub-Headquarters and joint headquarters must send delegates. The number of delegates shall be determined by themselves.
ARTICLE NO. 25: RESIGNATION/TERMINATION (1) When an office bearer resigned from his post,he shall address to the President. The president shall inform his cabinet for deliberation. (2) Any office bearer shall be terminated from his post for anti-association activities, violation of the constitution, leading immoral and questionable life, misappropriation of fund etc.
ARTICLE NO. 26: FUNDS (1) Student welfare/membership funds shall be collected annually from TSA members from Unit level at the rate of Rs.10/- year. (2) 20% of funds collected must be submitted to the Gen.Headquarters for office expenditure. (3) To raise funds by receiving donations from patrons, well wishers and general public and financial aid from Government and Semi-Government Institutions and Agencies.
ARTICLE NO. 27: AUDITORS There shall be Auditors consisting of 3(three) persons expert in account and audit works. The experts shall be selected/nominated by the cabinet in consultation with the advisors. Audit shall be done at least once in a year and the papers shall be submitted to the cabinet/assembly for examination.
ARTICLE NO. 28: AWARDS The TSA will arrange different Awards as given below for encouragement of student community, Thadou public as well as to acknowledge his/her outstanding performance/contribution. (a) Outstanding achievers in academic field. (b) Successful candidates of UPSC/MPSC.etc. (c) Distinguish personalities/extra-ordinary personalities in Military and any other discipline/fields.
ARTICLE NO. 29: AMENDMENTS/ACTS The constitution shall be amended from time to time to suit the changing circumstances. Leaders of all levels of TSA may present any bill for amendment. The bill shall face 2/3 majority of the houses for resolution/amendment. The bill can become an Act as and when the President puts his signature.
​ARTICLE NO. 30: OATH OF SECRECY/AFFIRMATION (1) All the leaders/office bearers at every level of the TSA must take oath of secrecy/affirmation before taking charge. (2) Leaders of the Gen. Hqts. shall be administered by the Thadou Tribe Council HQ President. (3) The oath of affirmation for leaders of Sub-Headquarters, Branches & Blocks shall be administered by Gen. Headquarters President. In his absent any designated officer/person shall administer the oath of secrecy on his behalf.
​(4) The oath of affirmation for office-bearers on Units shall be administered by the concern Block President. (5) The oath of secrecy shall be as follows:- “ I,……………………………………………….. S/o ……………………………………………………… do hereby swear in the name of God that I shall be faithful in discharging my duty as ……………………………………..as per guideline of the constitution of TSA upholding the integrity of the TSA. ________________________ __________________________ Returning Officer Signature of Office-Bearer

TSA General Head Quarter